Welcome to StS Data Filing

StS Data Filing offers you a full package of online accounting services, coupled with a digital dossier, as well as comprehensive accountancy at highly competitive rates.

Because of the digital nature of StS Data Filing, your administration will be more complete and always up to date.

You have 24 hour access to your figures and by the digital dossier also to your correspondence and other records.

Search online for a record or letter while visiting a customer and print it.

Because of double registration, time and item number, the digital dossier is accepted by the tax administration, so put your paper records away to never have to look at again.

The only action required from you is scanning the documents online. Everything is processed digitally from that moment.

At StS Data Filing you have access to state-of-the-art software. We deliver a tailor made product and as well offer the possibility to make use of specialists in various fields.

Take the step into the 21th century and start online accounting with StS Data Filing.